Monday, August 6, 2012

Product of the Week : Baseball Forearm Training

 This weeks product helps all asspiring baseball players who need strength training!
I have researched this product and actually found it to be one of the most helpful baseball programs  on the market!  Read more here Basebal Forearm training !


The hands hold and control the bat. While the legs generate power and the core initiates movement, the hands are what actually takes the bat to where it is supposed to go and what transfer all the leg and core power through the bat and into the ball.


Pitching involves transferring the power generated by the legs and core throughout the wind-up into the ball by snapping the wrist like the end of a bull whip. Pitching also involves the ability to angle the wrist through varying degrees of rotation and deviation for pitches such as curveballs, sliders, sinkers, and screwballs.


Catchers themselves have to play about 1/2 of the game with their mitt held wide open for the pitcher to use as a target. How worn out is your forearm at the end of a game? Preparing the forearms for catching requires a completely different approach, shown in this manual.


How many times have we experienced or seen on TV a player applying a tag only to see the ball pop out at the last second and no out is recorded? What if you don't have time to cover up the glove with your off hand? This movement pattern is called pinching and requires specific strategies to train, and the equipment you need is already in your weight room or garage.


How many times have we seen outfielders dive for a ball only to roll their wrist underneath them and miss half the season or more? With correct lower arm strengthening protocols, we can strengthen everything from the elbow down in order to make it more resilient against injury and allow us to bounce back quicker if we do experience an injury of this kind.


When you slide there is always a chance for us to bend a wrist too far back, jam a finger on a bag or shoe, or get stepped on by a cleat. We have to do everything we can to make our hands bullet proof, and this can be done with the short and concise workouts I have already planned for you. Don't have much equipment? No problem. I have given you hundreds of movements to choose from with many alternatives for the equipment you use.

Unilateral Imbalance

Baseball is loaded with unilateral movement and imbalance. Throwing, Pitching, Non-Switch Hitting, and Catching are all examples of things we do with one side of the body but not the other. This leads to cumulative trauma throughout various parts of our bodies and eventually injury and downtime. This problem is compounded by improper grip training practices. I will show you how to maintain balance in your training with proper exercise selection.

Your hands are involved in almost every facet of the game.

Finally, thanks to the Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball Manual, you will be able to MAXIMIZE all of the benefits of a strong grip!
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Trout Vs. Harper

The truth is, Bryce Harper has fallen far below expectations where as Mike Trout is exceeding all predictions.  Lets start with Harper.  Some things that could have contributed to his disappointing season are, a huge amount of hype, age (19) and immaturity.  To me Harper comes off as very cocky, as I watched an E:60 report on him, I realized he is very into himself.  All his life he has excelled at baseball having no competition leaving him reason to be cocky.  Once he got in a big league uniform, all of his prior skill meant nothing.  Had had to prove himself yet he didn't realize that he had to prove himself.  With this said, I think Harper will become one of the greatest baseball players of all time once he becomes acclimated to the league and gains that one important thing, maturity.  Trout on the other hand was a top prospect but did not have all star expectations.  I do not think Trout will be as good as a player in the long run.  Trout has zero pressure on him this year where as Harper does.  Next year the tables will turn and all of the pressure will be on Trout to follow up on his all star year.  This all comes down to maturity and pressure. Both players are great but I think Harper will excel in the long run.  Comment with thoughts and who you thinks better.

Trade Deadline: NL West

     The NL west is being dominated by the Dodgers and Giants this year.  With such a close race, the trade deadline is crucial. The Giants picked up Marco Scutaro as a fill in for the starting 3rd baseman Pablo Sandoval who is currently on the DL. I think this was not an acquisition made for power or average but more a temporary fix.  At least I hope.  If the Giants really think Marco Scutaro will cut it, they are completely wrong.  The Giants biggest splash was the trade for Hunter Pence.  Hunter Pence has 17 home runs and is the kind of bat the Giants need in their lineup to finish ahead of the Dodgers.  The Dodgers on the other hand got Hanley Ramirez, Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton, and Brandon League.  With two bats and two pitchers, the Dodgers now have depth from top to bottom.  The Dodgers had a better deadline than the Giants but will it be enough? And lets not count the D_backs out either, they have become a hot team when it matters, as we've seen in the past.  Comment on your picks to win the division and your thoughts on the deadline deals!!

Baseball: Lost on Sportscenter

     In the middle of the race for the postseason, Espn forgets Americas national pastime.  Sportscenter is overcrowded with football news, basketball trades, and the dreaded reports from jets training camp.  Seriously, I get that Mark Sanchez and Tebow are on the same team battling for the starting qb job and I don't need an update every thirty minutes.  I want to see baseball!  We just passed the trade deadline and last I checked, Tim Tebow was not traded to the Yankees.  It's one thing to discriminate baseball during football season, but don't discriminate in August when football and basketball are irrelevant where as baseball is full of ever important playoff races. Please leave some comments I would like to hear others opinions of espns Sportscenter!